Workplace Security

We offer the optimal solution for the security of your plant:

As early as at the start of construction works, we guard the construction area of your company and the materials. Our services are also available post construction phase.

Whether you need specially trained security guards, doormen, in-plant patrol duty or reception service, our aim is to represent YOUR business in contact with YOUR clients. We offer flexible services to meet the specific needs of your company 24/7.

We also offer cost effective supply and installation service for various types of surveillance security systems.



Our personal security service includes:

  • escort
  • bodyguards
  • chauffeur service
  • VIP support

These services are offered to our customers at events and for private use.

Our qualified staff can judge situations and guarantee maximum protection by taking specific preventive measures.



The safety and smooth running of an event is highly important to organisers of public festivals, concerts and other events.

Our guard and security service is highly suitable for these tasks. In addition to guards and security services, we offer patrol and reception service, building access control, personal security for artists and guests of honour, stage and backstage security as well as car park, property and area surveillance.

Our staff is specially trained to judge situations and take preventive measures.

It is our aim to prevent violence as well as drug and alcohol abuse.



The incident: The door bell rings, you open, step out of the door and suddenly…..bang, the door slams shut behind you. What next? Break open the door or call the expensive emergency locksmith?

The solution: Deposit your sealed spare key to your house, company or car with us.

In the event of any incident as above, just call our 24 hour response number and an employee will bring you your sealed spare key.

For spare key safe-keeping there is an annual fee, and in the event of an emergency where key delivery action is required there is a minor additional charge.



Retail industry is one of the biggest industries in UK and facing lots of challenges in terms of high stock loss, customer dissatisfaction and peaceful shopping.

JTC provide solutions of all, our highly trained, professional and responsibleguards are skilled in loss prevention, provide peaceful, secure and pleasant environment for your customers shopping with regular petrol and monitoring around the store.

JTC is an established company with good repute and well equipped to provide your retail store with top class customer services.

JTC will provide you with good services at a cut price than our competitors, why pay more?